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Sandwich Benchmarks


Each Sandwich benchmark is helpful in tracking how our residents and our businesses are progressing in reducing overall production of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. We recommend you look at all of the benchmarks for Sandwich as giving you a snapshot of how we are doing. Please note that benchmarks are not intended to compare one town to another, but simply help each town track how it is doing. You may also want to check out how rising sea levels might affect Sandwich.

Data Sources:

    1. Electricity Usage: unpublished data from Cape Light Compact
    2. Electricity and Natural Gas usage: Mass Save
    3. We will be adding data from Cape Light Compact later this year regarding usage of CLC rebates and incentives.
    4. Solar installation data from: Massachusetts tracking system
    5. Population data from: Wikipedia entry for Town, U.S. Census

Note: Solar installation and capacity data from 2005 includes all installs prior to 2006. 
Note #2: Electricity usage data generally does not include privately-generated electricity that has not been put out on the grid. 
Note #3: Nantucket data is the total for all of the towns on Nantucket.