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Our Board and Advisory Council members include leaders in business, housing, transportation, education, planning, energy, science and faith communities.


Richard Delaney, President (Executive Director, Center for Coastal Studies)
Mon Cochran, Vice President  (Vice President, Friends of Pleasant Bay)
Janet Williams, Clerk, Member at Large
Jim Wolf, Treasurer (Director of Sustainability, Cape Air)


Maggie Downey, Executive Director, Cape Light Compact (Alternate, Austin Brandt)
Sarah Griscom, Director of Science Programs, Pleasant Bay Community Boating
Andrew Juan, Chair, Youth Climate Network
Don Keeran, Assistant Director, Association to Preserve Cape Cod (Alternate, Kristin Andres)
Chris Kennedy, Mobility Manager, Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority
Rev. Brian McGurk, Co-Chair, Faith Community Environmental Network (Alternate, Susan Starkey)

Wendy Northcross, Executive Director, Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce (Alternate, Bert Jackson)
Dorothy Savarese, President and CEO, Cape Cod 5 (Alternate, Matthew Burke)
Fran Schofield, Member at Large

Lauren McKean, Project Manager, Cape Cod National Seashore