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At the Edge of a Warming World, is an inter-active feature focusing on the impacts of climate change on Cape Cod.  It was written by Globe reporter Nestor Ramos and published on September 26, 2019.  The Pulitzer Canter has made it available for all to read.

 Members of the Faith Community Environmental Network have developed some thought-provoking questions for reflection in connection with this report:

  • This story addresses the many ways climate change is impacting Cape Cod, and asks us to dive deeply into the reality of the many changes we face. We are being asked to step up to preserve our environment for humans and all life here.  Which of the impacts affects you most deeply as you read this?
  • This is a lengthy story; how have your beliefs and values made it possible to open yourself up enough to review it all? (Your love of the environment? Your concern about your home, your children, or the future of a viable life on Cape Cod?) What VALUES are driving you to care enough to read this and to come to the Round Table and do all you do for Cape Cod? 
  • We know we have a moral responsibility to care for the greater good of all, not only on Cape Cod, but all those affected by climate change. We know that often the most affected people and species are least able to impact change. Which environmental and social justice issues do you believe we, as the Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative, have a moral responsibility to respond to?