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The Cape Cod Climate Action Network


Introducing our newest network!

Across the region, citizens of our towns are organizing themselves into Climate Action Networks (CANs). A Cape Cod CAN under the auspices of the Climate Collaborative will foster sharing and support across all Cape Cod towns. We invite all Cape climate activists to the founding meeting of the Cape Cod Climate Action Network this Thursday, July 16th, at 6:30pm using this Zoom link:
Learn more about our newest network: click here
Interested in joining – or forming – a CAN in your Town? We can help! Click here!

Chatham Climate Action Network

Chatham CAN is a group of volunteers working to inspire and mobilize Chatham residents, businesses and organizations to act to minimize the impact of climate change. Chatham’s geography, history and identity, so closely linked to the sea, makes our work urgent.

The Climate Emergency Declaration Initiative

The Cape Cod Climate Emergency Initiative is a coalition that is focusing attention and action on the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero in every town on Cape Cod at the earliest time feasible.