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New Research Shows Earth Is Nearing Tipping Points

A coalition headed by two Oregon State University researchers, William Ripple and Christopher Wolf, in a paper published in BioScience, reports that many of the key indicators of the global climate crisis are getting worse and either approaching, or exceeding, key tipping points are the earth keeps heating up. The scientists note an unprecedented surge in climate-related disasters since 2019, including devastating floods, record-shattering heat waves and extraordinary storms and wildfires. “There is growing evidence we are getting close to or have already gone beyond tipping points associated with important parts of the Earth system, including warm-water coral reefs, the Amazon rainforest and the West Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets,” said Ripple, distinguished professor of ecology in the OSU College of Forestry. Read the full research paper here.
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Will “CarbonTech” Revolutionize Industry and Help Solve the Climate Crisis?

Utilizing carbon to create products and transform manufacturing processes  - also known as “ "Carbon Utilization" or CarbonTech – is poised to change U.S.  industrial production and contribute to the greenhouse gas emission reductions that are urgently needed. Is change on a massive scale feasible? And is this a key aspect to the climate crisis solution?

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