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Chatham CAN is a group of volunteers working to inspire and mobilize Chatham residents, businesses and organizations to act to minimize the impact of climate change. Chatham’s geography, history and identity, so closely linked to the sea, makes our work urgent. Chatham CAN is a network affiliated with the Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative.

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JUNE 26, 2021

You’ve installed solar panels, planted native trees and shrubs, drive an electric car, eliminated your lawn and reduced your carbon footprint as much as possible. What else is there to do? One big step that has a major impact on the planet and your health is what you eat.

Climate Change, Health and Diet are inter-related in ways that aren’t obvious. It is an emerging truth that our planet’s health is as dependent on what we eat as our own personal health is.

This event focused on the relationship between what we eat, our health and the impact on our planet, exploring a path to reduce our contribution to climate change while improving our own health.


Dr. Kumara Sidhartha (Medical Director, Cape Cod Healthcare)
Joanne Irwin (Plant-Based Culinary Educator and Consultant)
Sarah Griscom (Chatham CAN, Science Advisor, Pleasant Bay Community Boating)
Tom Farkas (Chatham CAN, Organic Gardener, Permaculturist, Climate Activist)

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