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Climate Action Alerts Newsletter


Launched in January 2020, our Climate Action Alerts Newsletter is a new communications and activism tool: the Climate Action Alert. Each issue includes  updates on legislation, state and regional events and actions, climate facts, and an action spotlight featuring climate achievements of local residents, organizations and municipalities. Most important, we aim to connect activists with programs, initiatives and each other to help make change in our own lives, communities, the state and beyond.

Action Alert #11

Stretching the Stretch Code in Massachusetts!

May 10, 2020

Action Alert #6

Climate Emergency Meeting Schedules

Action Alert #10

The Education Issue! Webinars, trainings and more!

April 20, 2020

Action Alert #9

Spectacular climate polling maps from Bozeman to Barnstable

April 1, 2020

Action Alert #8

A message from the Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative

March 23, 2020


Action Alert #7

Coronavirus and climate

March 12, 2020

Action Alert #5

Climate Collaborative joins new climate emergency coalition

Action Alert #4

Mass. polls show climate crisis rising in citizens’ concerns

Action Alert #3

Historic climate bill passes Mass. Senate. What’s next?

Action Alert #2

You lobbied, they listened