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On September 14, 2020, the Board of Directors of the Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative formally adopted Energy Justice: A Position Statement. The statement is th result of months of research, consultation and collaborative among the Collaborative members. The Statement opens with: 

“Changes in the climate are not affecting all Americans equally.  News outlets constantly report stories of the disproportionate impacts these changes are having on low-income communities and communities of color.  Cape Cod and the Islands are not immune to these inequities, and the social and economic structures undergirding them.  The Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative (Climate Collaborative) recognizes these injustices and is committed to redressing them. While access to clean energy is only one of many climate-related issues that disproportionally impact marginalized communities, we believe addressing energy injustice is a starting place where the Climate Collaborative can effectuate change. This position statement presents a set of operating principles specific to redressing inequalities in access to affordable clean energy and outlines a set of policy commitments designed to directly address the challenge of distributing clean energy resources equitably among Cape and Island residents.”

Read the full text of the Energy Justice: A Position Statement here