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Who We Are

We are artists in all media – poets and painters, filmmakers and photographers, dancers and designers, potters and playwrights, sculptors, storytellers and singers, crafters, comics and cartoonists, musicians and magicians, actors and architects – who embody a sprawling array of ways of seeing. Let us explore together creative ways to draw on the power of art to communicate the urgency of climate action.

Art reaches people at a visceral level that can bridge the gulfs that stop us from hearing each other. So, as artists, we have a vital role to play in bringing our communities together to address the threat of climate change.

The Climate Collaborative Arts Network includes artists whose work is inspired or driven by climate change, artists who find aspects of climate sometimes infusing the work, and artists whose concern about climate is entirely separate from their art practice; we seek diversity. We aspire to build a sense of community among artists whose work is often made individually and sometimes in isolated spaces, but who care both about making art and about the climate crisis.

If interested in participating, write to us at and tell what kind of art you do.

What We Do

  • We organize conversations among artists about how the climate emergency impacts our approach to art making, or doesn’t.
  • We work to develop opportunities to share our art with the public in ways that advance public dialogue about climate.
  • We will experiment with ways to organize exhibitions of work to benefit the Climate Collaborative, in conjunction with opportunities for performance.
  • We will reach out to our fellow artists to build a wide base of support in the arts community for effective responses to the climate threat put forward by the Climate Collaborative.
  • We will stay up to date on events and developing strategies through the Climate Collaborative’s Climate Action Newsletter.
  • We will connect artists to opportunities for local engagement on climate issues through the individual town Climate Action Networks organized by the Collaborative.


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