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The Cape Cod Climate Emergency Initiative — a new coalition of citizen activists, leading environmental organizations, faith communities and others — has recently formed to focus attention and action at the municipal level, Cape-wide, on the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero at the earliest time feasible.

Spearheaded by citizen activists at 350 Cape Cod and formed in early February, the Cape Cod Climate Emergency Initiative coalition includes the Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative, Center for Coastal Studies, Association to Preserve Cape Cod, Citizens’ Climate Lobby Cape Cod/South Shore, Faith Communities Environmental Network, Sierra Club Cape Cod, and Extinction Rebellion Cape Cod. The list of local organizational endorsers grows daily across Cape Cod.
The goals of local citizens, supported by the Initiative, are three-fold:
  1. to educate, activate and mobilize citizens at the local level, across Cape Cod;
  2. to demonstrate, through town meetings vote, broad consensus for the urgent need for action and net zero goals at the local level; and
  3. to promote and support sustained civic and political activism in every town on Cape Cod to ensure that local decisions, projects and policies reflect this broad-based consensus and incorporate net zero components in their outcomes.