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Conservation & Land Use Network


The Conservation & Land Use Network is focused on Climate Actions designed to:

  •  Document the carbon storage capacity of regional natural ecosystems (salt marshes)
  • Promote protection of natural systems and consideration of climate change impacts in local and regional decision-making processes, and
  • Coordinate efforts among local conservation organizations.

The Conservation & Land Use Network’s Climate Actions for 2020




Develop and promote a model bylaw requiring consideration of climate change mitigation and impacts for all land use decisions by Town bodies.


Develop educational program for Town decision-makers on importance of coastal wetlands and salt marshes for carbon storage to mitigate climate change.

Support establishment and promote utilization of a “climate assessment consortium” to facilitate regional and local climate-focused decision-making.

Create team to develop model bylaw; establish stakeholders engagement processes; Work with APCC and Town of Wellfleet from the Bylaw they jointly developed.

Develop an estimate of natural carbon storage capacity on Cape Cod.


Support WHRC in making a commitment to take the lead on this initiative. Partner with WHRC and Waquoit Bay NERR to research and analyze storage trends and capacities.

Support, promote and advocate for protection, preservation and restoration of natural ecosystems, with emphasis on salt marshes and existing forests.


Tie in work done by APCC on salt marshes.

Engage with Education & Engagement Network on materials and strategies to educate students, the public and decision-makers.

Partner with Education & Engagement Networkto develop and produce community educaiton program focusing on the importance of preserving trees.

Develop and adopt a Policy Statement for CCCCC regarding land clearing for solar array construction.


Research effects and trade-offs between installation of solar arrays and land clearing for construction.

Coordinate regional efforts among land conservation organizations in relation to climate change goals and partner with towns in those goals. 


Develop Land Management Protocols.

Support requirement for compensation for removal of canopy trees to addresses the loss of carbon storage.

Address tensions between affordable housing advocates and resource protections.


Develop Land Management Protocols.