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Education and Engagement Network


The Education and Engagement Network focuses on Climate Actions designed to:

  • Develop climate change-focused curriculum materials for school and teachers
  • Develop community (and local decision-maker) education materials 
  • Engage citizens of our Towns to become informed and active in addressing local climate change issues, and
  • Engage youth across the region, supporting a Youth Climate Action Summit.

The Education & Engagement Network’s Climate Actions for 2020




Develop communications strategy for outreach on curricular and community education projects.


Develop Climate Education & Engagement contacts list and database (educators, students, supporters).

Establish an Events Calendar to promote climate-focused events organized or supported by 5Cs members.

Develop communications strategy for engaging and staying engaged with educators.

Develop educational materials that can use easily accessed and used to promote climate literacy and educate students, communities and decision-makers about climate impacts and solutions.


Develop Climate Education & Engagement Database:  vetted, proven, and user-friendly resources for educating students, communities, decision-makers.

Engage with Cape Cod STEM Network to align materials, reduce duplication of effort and cross-promote.

Promote the Resource Database through social media, 5Cs website, other outlets.

Engage Cape & Islands educators in integrating climate change issues into existing curriculum.


Designate locally relevant climate change curriculum adaptable across all grade levels in the Climate Education & Engagement Database.

Design, develop and provide displayable certificate for climate-active schools.

Develop and present climate change-focused teacher training workshops.

Support and promote membership in the Green Schools Alliance (or similar organization that promotes climate literacy) among Cape & Islands schools.

Engage youth in climate action across our region.


Support the 2019 Youth Summit.


Develop 5Cs social media capacities to support and promote youth climate actions.


Promote climate education database materials to youth.


Ensure that environmental justice and social justice issues are addressed in all education efforts.


Develop strategy for keeping youth engaged.

Engage Climate Change Collaborative member organizations in the effort to engage and educate local communities.


Support and promote a series of Faith Science Forums across Cape Cod.


Develop and distribute educational materials to all CCCCC members. 


Utilize member organizations to educate residents and businesses. 

Develop and Implement Community Climate Change Engagement Program.


Develop a Community Education & Engagement strategy for all planning (strategy, train volunteers, identify actions, present)


Develop materials, presentations and schedule topics of general community interest, including:
– Local impacts from climate change; local solutions
– Importance of renewable energy, especially offshore wind


Design all engagements as two-way dialogue, conversations, so that all community members have input


Ensure that environmental justice and social justice issues are addressed in all community education efforts.


Engage retiree community to assist with community engagement activities.


Create a Climate Engagement Team to engage at community meetings across the region.


Develop educational materials and present to Select Boards and Town managers and decision-makers.

Develop a partnership with EduCCate and UNITAR to bring the Climate Certified Teacher program to the Cape and Islands teachers.