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Energy Network


The Energy Network is focused on Climate Actions designed to:

  • Expand renewable energy production
  • Support creation of a GHG inventory for the region
  • Promote and support transition to renewable energy sources for heating for all public buildings
  • Develop renewable energy support development of battery storage capability
  • Promote energy conservation and efficiency and
  • Develop financing options for renewable energy development.

The Energy Network’s Climate Actions for 2020



Expand C&I renewable energy production and usage.


Expand the successful “Solarize our Town” program to all Cape towns


Develop a “How To” manual based on Outer Cape Energize to inspire and encourage other Cape & Islands Towns/regions to adopt this program.


Support/advocate for Boards of Selectmen and Town Council to offer this program in their town.

Support development of energy storage capability/battery technology.


Promote customer adoption of small-scale storage.


Support efforts to demonstrate warranty battery safety and educate planning/permitting  agencies.


Organize regional training on battery safety

Support Cape Light Compact’s efforts to provide up-front incentives for battery storage for participating customers.

Actively support Cape Light Compact’s efforts to ensure that low and moderate income customers are able to install battery storage.

Encourage towns and other municipal organizations to develop storage to pair with their existing solar in order to levelize their electric usage.

Utilize EV rental depot for battery storage deployment at utility scaling.

Support carbon replacement technologies.


Support the Cape Light Compact’s goal of identifying 250 oil, propane and electric resistance heat customers and switching those customers from fossil fuels to cold climate air source heat pumps, paired with solar PV and battery storage.


Develop partnerships and communicate with heating/cooling contractors regarding the availability and reliability of alternatives to fossil fuel heating/cooling systems.

Support expansion of EV charging network.


Expand EV charging infrastructure network, including fast charging stations.

Develop options for fully charged EV auto rental service.

Develop / support programs to reward tourists for utilizing local EV rentals.

Implement smart charging programs for EVs


Develop model bylaw for town adoption to facilitate installation/siting of EV charging stations.

Promote Towns and municipal organizations participation and implementation in energy efficiency programs.


Utilize all CCCCC member organizations to advertise and encourage participation in energy efficiency programs.


 Support Cape Light Compact’s Three-Year Energy Efficiency Plan through participation in public comment periods, attendance at public hearing.


Promote Cape Light Compact energy audits and implementation of recommended efficiency measures.


Promote conversion of municipal facilities’ heating units to electric.


Promote smart temperature controls in all municipal buildings.  

Lead by example, Climate Collaborative to implement energy efficiency measures.


Promote remote conferencing technologies, and encourage members to attend via video or audio teleconference.

 Develop / support programs to increase energy efficiencies in all Cape & Island Town operations.


Promote/support/advocate for all Cape and Islands towns to become Green Communities by October 2020.  

Support community empowerment legislation.

Support expansion of  Cape and Vineyard Electric Cooperative (CVEC) mandate to include residential and commercial properties.

Support legislation and increased funding to incentivize non-carbon based  transitional technologies.


 Include renewable (hydrogen) fuel cell deployment

Support amendment of offshore wind procurement to account for wildlife impacts.

 Develop a baseline GHG inventory for Cape & Islands greenhouse gas emissions.


Support Cape Cod Commission’s GHG inventory initiative, push for GHG inventory on Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.

Support deployment of customer-facing electric grid modernization technologies


Participate in grid modernization proceedings to support deployment of advanced metering infrastructure and other customer-facing technologies that will allow customers to better manage/reduce their energy usage

Support responsible siting of offshore wind/wind transmission facilities

Plan for the responsible disposal/recycling of energy-related waste


Develop a guidance on how best to plan for the disposal of energy-related hazardous waste (e.g., PV panels, batteries, etc.) at the end of its useful life.