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      We now have over 33 members. A faith communities membership reflects a strong commitment as stewards of the Earth and advocates and activists for eco-justice. This overarching priority is based on our shared perspective as a part of the interdependent web of life. Eco-justice is not only a matter of how we treat the environment but also how we show respect and compassion to all people and all living things. We believe that we cannot fix the unsustainable environment or the climate emergency without also addressing social unrest, racial inequality, or any economic or political unfairness. Members of FCEN together commit our time and resources to education, sharing of best practices, advocacy and action for our shared values of sustainability, compassion and love, and wisdom. We collaborate with and support all members of our network. And we reach out and work with an expanding network of scientists, environmentalists, educators, businesses, and governments, not only on the Cape and Islands, but around the globe.

      Write to us at

      Susan, Brian, Lew and Bette
      Leadership Council of the Faith Communities Environmental Network

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