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From our friends at ClimateXChange:

As federal climate action continues to lag, states are taking the lead in proposing and championing comprehensive climate policy. But sometimes passing strong bills at the state level can be equally difficult, and we don’t have any time to waste. The overwhelming scientific consensus is that we need to drastically reduce emissions in order to reduce and prevent the worsening effects of the climate crisis, including economic decline, severe public health crises, and increased global conflict and resource scarcity.
Municipalities, understanding local threats and risks, have taken the opportunity to lead on climate action, and do their part in reducing emissions. Climate policy at the city level is not inconsequential. … and even smaller cities still have an incentive to reduce their emissions. The average American produces about 21.8 tons of carbon each year, meaning … any sort of policy to decrease that number can have a very large impact. Read more here.