The Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative is just that — a collaboration among organizations on Cape Cod committed to taking action to address the climate crisis. Membership is free, and we welcome new members. Any organization can join, including businesses, towns, faith organizations, climate or environmental organizations, and non-profits. The only requirements for membership are that your organization make a commitment to specific steps to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint, and that you submit an application for membership.

Commitment to Specific Steps to Reduce Your Footprint

Because each organization is different, we have no required way in which you should reduce your carbon footprint. You might do this by focusing on the organization itself, or on educating others, or you could do this by encouraging the members or employees of your organization to reduce their footprints. We do strongly encourage, however, that your organization annually set successfully more aggressive goals for reducing your footprint, and that those goals are accompanied by ways in which you will measure success. If you need help in doing this, our action calculator has literally hundreds of ideas! Or you can contact us directly to set up a conversation about your specific situation.

When you are ready to join, complete an application

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