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Middlebury College’s Center for the Blue Economy has partnered with Blue Frontier to bring together thought leaders from across industry, government, academia, and the conservation community with a goal of crafting the Ocean Climate Action Plan or OCAP (final draft available here).  The plan, with its growing support, will provide the template for some of the first ocean climate legislation and policy actions in U.S. history, beginning in 2021. 

Referred to as the “Blue New Deal” the plan a cure for the battered post-pandemic economy and solutions for the climate emergency. Many of these recommendations appear in the new Democratic climate plan, however, OCAP adds additional and practical solution-oriented proposals that go beyond the current Democratic thinking.  If the recommendations become federal ocean-climate legislation, it will be a first for the nation, as well as for MIIS and Middlebury.

Read more about the OCSS here.