Our Work

We accomplish our mission by facilitating communication, collaboration, advocacy, and activism that shapes understanding of climate impacts and solutions across sectors, disciplines, and the region. We strive to empower individuals, local communities, policy makers, business leaders, and other advocates with the information, resources, and networks they need to move the needle on climate change and effectively and equitably serve our towns and entire region.


We are communicators about the climate crisis and about the breadth of actions, policies and initiatives that can help transform our ways of life to meet the greatest challenge of our time. With outreach and education at the heart our work, we engage the public with creative, science-based, and actionable information, provide insight into emerging knowledge and technologies, promote the work of partner and member organizations, and champion the exemplary work of individuals, organizations and institutions that are working to accomplish our mission.


We forge partnerships with private and public sector entities and individuals to build collective climate knowledge, amplify programs, and create new initiatives to boost effective response to the climate crisis. We share information, promote best practices, and pool resources to further our mission. With nearly 3,000 stakeholders and a regional, cross-sector leadership team—including citizen, business, transportation, built environment, clean energy, faith community, housing, and environmental advocates– we create and foster connections among all collaborators, helping them to share resources and information, learn together, and build strategic relationships and programs to bring about change. Our work helps changemakers learn from each other and increase the ambition, equity, intersection, and durability of collective and individual climate action.


We work to build coalitions among individuals, faith communities, students, legislators, municipal officials, and industry leaders to support legislation, policies, and programs that advance decarbonization efforts, promote clean energy, enhance climate resilience, support adaptation strategies, and ensure healthy ecosystems that protect against climate impacts, and yield sustainable and equitable climate solutions for our region. We do this by leveraging our network of more than three thousand stakeholders, strategic partners, legislators, and business leaders to push equitable clean energy, mitigation, and resilient climate solutions across the finish line.


We seek to inspire, support, and mobilize individuals, networks, and communities across our region to mitigate the effects of climate change, promote resilience and adaptation, and successfully offset the devastating impacts of the climate crisis. With a focus on local action, we accomplish this by providing networking, promotional, educational, and other support to individuals, groups and communities seeking to find solutions to the climate crisis – for this and future generations.