A Pair of Climate Change Education Bills in Massachusetts

Photo by A n v e s h on Unsplash.

A pair of identical climate change education bills, House Bill 614 and Senate Bill 311, would, if enacted, “implement an elementary and secondary interdisciplinary climate education curriculum” in Massachusetts.

The bills would initiate processes to revise state standards for science and technology and history and social studies to include relevant and interdisciplinary climate change standards to provide students with a deeper understanding of various issues related to climate change.

Read more: https://ncse.ngo/pair-climate-change-education-bills-massachusetts#:~:text=A%20pair%20of%20identical%20climate,climate%20education%20curriculum%22%20in%20Massachusetts.&text=Both%20bills%20were%20introduced%20on,the%20Joint%20Committee%20on%20Education.