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The Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative

A coalition of organizations, businesses and citizens committed to mitigating the climate crisis in the Cape & Islands region.

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The Collaborative’s Mission

The Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative’s mission is to reach carbon neutrality—or net zero—on Cape Cod and the Islands by enhancing communication, collaboration, and activism among organizations, programs and individuals committed to mitigating the climate crisis.

We do this by uniting available knowledge, resources, talent and tools to mitigate climate change impacts on Cape Cod, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and work toward achieving “net zero”-based goals for the Cape and Islands. We seek to create conditions to foster innovative, feasible, cross-sector solutions to the climate crisis.

Recording and Resources from Forests vs. Solar

Did you miss the presentation? Want to share it? We’ve got you covered!  CLICK HERE for the  recording of all the presentations and a comprehensive list of resources  and materials that our presenters have put together.


On May 27, 2021, the Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative, in partnership with the Cape Cod Commission, Compact of Cape Cod Conservation Trusts, and the Faith Communities Environmental Network — presented a virtual meeting entitled Forests vs. Solar – A False Choice: Protecting Forests & Making Smart Solar Decisions in Your Community. Event panelists included national, state, and regional experts from the Woodwell Climate Research Center, Mass Audubon, and the Cape Cod Commission.

Forests Vs. Solar – A False Choice explored the value of forests, tensions associated with large-scale solar installations, and tools for town officials and citizens to make wise planning decisions for their communities. It comprises three parts: 1) Ecology and Value of Forests; 2) Mapping & Policy Tools for Sensitive Lands and Large-Scale Solar Installations; and 3) Q&A to further explore available tools, resources, policies, and programs for wise solar siting. The event was moderated by Eve Zuckoff, radio station CAI climate change reporter, and emceed by Mon Cochran, vice president of the Climate Collaborative’s board of directors.

We Have the Power to Change Our Future. We’re Doing Something About It

“Cape Cod and the Islands are an epicenter of global climate change. But climate catastrophe is not pre-ordained. We must act now, together, to avert an existential crisis.”

RichDelaney, Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative President

Photo Credit: Raffale Brevio, Unsplash

About Us

The Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative was established in 2016 to help mitigate the climate crisis and mobilize Cape Cod and the Islands to move toward net zero.

Net Zero Cape & Islands

Our annual round table convenes federal, state, regional and local leaders to enhance collaboration, share best practices, develop action plans, and advance the goal of clean energy throughout the Cape  & Islands region.

Climate Action Newsletter and Action Alerts

Our  Climate Action Alert newsletter delivers curated actionable climate crisis news from around the region to our readers.



Our Climate Action Networks

From Cape-wide, to Town-focused, to Climate Emergency, we’re organizing groups across the region and helping them take action on climate! Click here to see our local networks.

Our Sector Networks

Much of our work is done by networks of committed organizations and businesses across our region. Networks based on economic sectors allow participants to pool resources to facilitate climate action. Click here for information on these networks.

Faith Communities Environmental Network

A Faith Network Inspiring Environmental Justice and the Protection of Cape Cod & the Islands and our Earth Home.


Net Zero 2020: Kickstarting a robust and fair recovery!

The Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative held its third annual – and first 100% virtual – Net Zero Roundtable Conference, on Friday, October 23, 2020. 

This event showcased economic programs, clean energy impacts, jobs, training, and entrepreneurial opportunities for growth and activism that will help kickstart a robust, just, and equitable economic recovery while moving the region toward a carbon-free future. This conference was offered at no cost to participants thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and patrons.

Take Action Now

Here are some suggestions for things you can today to take action to address – and help prevent – the worst impacts of climate change. Click below for more information and more ideas!


Climate News

The Power of Us: Confronting Our Climate Crisis

The climate crisis is a problem affecting people of all ages — and it needs an intergenerational, collaborative movement to fight it. 82-year-old retired Chicago land engineer Jim Goodman and his wife Annie are alarmed about the ever more severe climate change crisis,...

Biden Administration to Restart Permitting for Vineyard Wind Project

The U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has announced that it will restart permitting for Vineyard Wind, set to become the first major U.S. offshore wind farm, reversing a Trump administration decision that canceled the permitting process late last year. Read about...

National Academies of Science Maps the Road to Net Zero

Most of the technology required to fully decarbonize the US economy already exists, and those technologies are now more cost-effective than technologies relying on fossil fuels, according to a report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and...

How Biden Can Put the U.S. on a Path to Carbon-Free Electricity

The Biden administration — with its commitment to make fighting climate change a core goal across the federal government with the aim of achieving carbon free energy generation by 2035— has a wide array of actions it can take to move the U.S. far closer to...


The Baker administration has published its Decarbonization Roadmap" : Reducing emissions to achieve Net Zero by 2050 is the Commonwealth’s primary and most important line of defense in preventing the significant threats presented by a changing climate. To achieve this...

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