We Can All Make a Difference

Decarbonize Cape Cod is an initiative of the Cape Cod Climate Action Network supported by the Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative to help Cape Cod residents shrink our carbon footprints by energy efficiency and electrification in Cape Cod homes and vehicles; by encouraging community residents in all Cape towns to reduce energy consumption through conservation measures and by further reducing carbon pollution by powering our electric heating and electric vehicles with renewable solar power.

The Problem

No one can miss or ignore the daily drumbeat of climate disasters: freak floods, choking smoke, raging fires, deadly heat. All these impacts flow from the buildup of carbon pollution in the atmosphere, stemming from burning gas, oil and coal. These fossil fuels pour heat-trapping carbon pollution into the air, and it’s most of the reason why the climate is getting so dangerous. On Cape Cod, most of our carbon pollution comes from the gas we burn in our cars and the furnaces that heat our homes.

Our Solution

Solving this used to feel impossible without hard sacrifices, but terrific progress in the technology for clean energy and more support from state and federal governments have brought the solutions within our reach. You don’t have to be a hero to do what is needed, but you DO have to start making the better choices.

We can make a difference We can all be part of solving the climate crisis. Think of Decarbonize as a climate repair kit!

Save Energy

Drive Green

Heat Clean

Go Solar

For more information and help in decarbonizing, email us at decarbonizecapecod@gmail.com

Be Part of Decarbonize

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