Drive Green

There are dozens of good electric vehicles (EVs) available today. They are fun to drive, run on clean energy, offer cheaper fuel and maintenance and need fewer repairs. Many come with federal tax credits up to $7,500 and state rebates worth another $3,500 that make them even more affordable.

Bigger Deal

Local dealers have growing inventories of low-mileage used EVs that qualify for the $4,000 federal tax credit for used EVs and the state $3,500 rebate for most used EVs. Checking in August, we found dozens of low mileage used EVs at local dealers. Do your own search at the sites listed below to see current deals. The search links shown are pre-filtered for used EV’s eligible for the federal credit: retail price no more than $25,000 and at least two years old; we also filtered for dealerships within 100 miles of mid-Cape and used cars with no more than 30,000 miles. You can further search by price or other criteria, change these filters, and narrow or broaden the search.

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