Go Solar

Rooftop solar power allows you to power your home with your own clean electricity.

Solar panels convert solar energy into electricity. In recent years, they’ve become both much more efficient and much less expensive than before. Over the life of the system (normally 25 – 30 years) the electricity they generate will be much cheaper than buying electricity from your local utility.

Currently, a federal tax credit covers 30% of the cost, the state adds a $1000 credit, but the biggest benefit is the money you save from what you would have paid the utility company. You’re still connected and you can draw power from the utility grid when you need it, but you also get credit for all the extra power your solar panels produce! If you take advantage of the new low interest Solar Loans available in early 2024 (check back here for updates), you could be saving money as soon as your system is turned on.

Solar Installers

Learn how solar benefits and incentives could work for your home with one of our reputable Cape-based solar installers:

Cotuit Solar

E2 Solar

My Generation Energy

Solar Rising

For more information and help in decarbonizing, email us at decarbonizecapecod@gmail.com

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