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The Economic Impacts of Climate Change on Cape Cod

The Cape Cod Commission released a report, The Economic Impacts of Climate Change on Cape Cod, that assesses the impacts climate change is likely to have on Cape Cod’s economy, revenues,…
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Woodwell Center Announces Important New Series: Beyond 1.5

As the latest IPCC report made abundantly clear, human activities to date have kicked off unprecedented global warming and committed us to passing the 1.5°C mark early next decade. We…
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IPCC Issues Sixth Assessment Report Warning of Unavoidable Dangers

The IPCC has released its Sixth Assessment Report (, which emphasized the dangers of climate change, and that many of the risks associated with climate change are now unavoidable. The…

Trees As Infrastructure

An open source model to support municipalities in transitioning toward resilient urban forest management practices, and a proposition for supporting cities to transition towards green infrastructures. Read the report here

National Academies of Science Maps the Road to Net Zero

Most of the technology required to fully decarbonize the US economy already exists, and those technologies are now more cost-effective than technologies relying on fossil fuels, according to a report from the…

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