Advocacy | Falmouth Approves Hiring of a Sustainability Director

At Falmouth’s Spring Town Meeting, members overwhelmingly approved the creation of a full-time sustainability director or equivalent position.

The warrant article was petitioned by six members of Falmouth Climate Action Network (FalCAN). The group identified the position as a critical way to drive the sustainability and coastal resiliency agenda through the Town’s strategic planning, policies and implementation. “This is one example of how climate advocates can affect positive change in their towns,” said Geralyn Schad, a FalCAN member and co-petitioner.  “A dedicated sustainability director will help ensure that Falmouth’s stated climate policies and the state’s legal mandate to reach net zero emissions by 2050 are put into action. The affirmative Town Meeting vote is also a big win for those serving in town departments and on committees who want to take action on climate, but may not have the time, expertise, or capacity to do so.” The roles and responsibilities of the Sustainability Director will be defined by the Select Board before year-end with input  from a consultant study, putting it on track to start in FY 2024.

Schad added, “Wouldn’it be fantastic if all Cape Town‘s had a sustainability Director? Think of the opportunities for collaboration on the Cape.”

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