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On Cape Cod & the Islands, the Sacred Wampanoag Homeland

NEW!  The Cape Cod Climate Emergency and Eco-Justice Seminar Series

UU Falmouth, St. Barnabas Church, and FCEN are co-sponsoring The Cape Cod Climate Emergency and Eco-Justice Seminar series. The practical series will be held from 7 to 8:15 PM on the last Wednesday of each month from March through October. The free Zoom sessions are open to all members of FCEN but are limited to fifty participants to allow for open learning and discussion. You are encouraged to attend as many of the seminars as you can. The first two, on March 31 and April 28 introduce the topic by giving a clear picture of today’s climate and eco-justice reality on the Cape and the progress that is already being made. Sessions 3 through 7 help you take action to make a big difference as an individual, with family and friends, as a community, and to impact changes on a larger scale.

Learn and share your best practices for reducing your carbon footprint at home and on the road, making changes as a consumer, eating for the planet, shifting to eco-just financial investing, and bringing back outdoor space.  Session 8 is geared to children, youth, and their families, to help younger people get started and share what they are doing as climate first responders. To register for the series and get the Zoom link to attend go to:

For more information contact Lew Stern at

The Paul M. Minus Memorial Fund

A memorial fund has been established to honor the life and legacy of Rev. Dr. Paul M. Minus, founder of the Faith Communities Environmental Network (FCEN) of the Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative. Paul passed on February 13, 2021 at the age of 85 after a brief illness.

Our Mission

We are a community of diverse faith traditions networking together to advance the environment & Eco-justice through:

  • Advocating for environmental and climate action including racial, economic and social justice in all of our work

  • Learning together and sharing best practices

  • Building a diverse community that inspires hope and action to protect the interdependent web of life

All faith communities are welcome!

  No membership fees or dues

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Community, Denominational, and Interfaith Programs and Resources


Speaking out together to protect the Cape and Islands and Earth

Share Best Practices

Empowering each other by sharing what works

  • Youth involvement
  • Worship materials
  • Energy Audits
  • Beach cleanups
  • Readings and publications
  • Renewable energy opportunities
  • Carbon Footprint Calculator
  • Conservation actions:
  • Communications
  • Sustainable houses of worship
  • Web resources
  • Town climate education and advocacy



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