Harwich Climate Action Network

Who We Are

The Harwich Climate Action Network (HCAN) is a volunteer organization created in 2019 to bring attention to the climate crisis and educate the public on ways we can make a positive impact in this area. The group’s first act was to sponsor a petition article declaring a climate emergency in our town. The article passed resoundingly as a resolution at the September 2020 Town Meeting through the efforts of our seven members and our collaboration with Town officials.

We encourage you to peruse our web page to get a sense of the direction in which we are moving. We are always ready to entertain new ideas and suggestions, and we invite you to consider joining us in our critical work to keep Cape Cod environmentally healthy – for all of us and for future generations. Harwich CAN is committed to reaching out to involve all Harwich residents in our efforts to adapt and protect the natural environment that sustains us. We welcome new members!

What We’re Doing

The HCAN meets monthly to share information and concerns, to plan our next steps, and to consider ways of educating Harwich residents about a variety of climate-related issues so they can make more informed choices. We have also developed working relationships with the Harwich Conservation Trust, the Cape Cod CAN and its affiliates, the Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative, 350 Cape Cod and the Sierra Club – all important allies in our work.

What We’re Thinking

Here we’ll collect stories from across Harwich looking at a variety of climate issues, including thoughts about nature’s many connections to climate. We welcome your stories! Please send your draft, along with accompanying photos, to HarwichCAN@capecodclimate.org. We’d love to hear from you.


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For more information, please email HarwichCAN@capecodclimate.org

Cape Cod Climate Collaborative Newsletter

Updates on legislation, events and actions, climate facts, and an action spotlight featuring climate achievements.

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