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Who We Are

Everyone — regardless of age, experience, education, or income — can make a difference in the fight against climate change… in their personal lives, their homes, schools, businesses, and towns.

And by working together and learning from one another — at the local and regional levels — this collective action can be a powerful and transformative force in the fight against the climate crisis.


Understanding that the best local movements are connected and mutually supported in a robust wider network, the Climate Collaborative has established the Cape Cod Climate Action Network (CC CAN) network whose purpose is to support local grassroots climate activism and enhance regionwide collaboration.

We are select board and energy committee members, teachers, students, seasoned and new climate activists, grandparents and caregivers, environmentalists, green energy advocates, scientists, engineers and architects, faith community members, horticulturists — virtually anyone who wants to help fight the climate crisis in their own community.

If you would like more information about how to start or grow a local CAN, connect with activists in your town, create a dedicated web presence for your local network on this website, or support for a specific project or initiative, contact us at

Cape Cod and Local Climate Action Networks

The Cape Cod CAN (CC-CAN) consists of local citizens who’ve formed climate action networks (CANs) in each town. These CANs are completely autonomous and assume different shapes and sizes from town to town. Each CAN on Cape Cod is invited to work with the Climate Collaborative to create a dedicated webpage for its network — the purpose of which is provide a platform for network-building and local actions and initiatives.  These webpages are currently in development; if interested, please contact for more information.

The CC CAN is a chapter of the Massachusetts Climate Action Network (MCAN), a state-wide organization that works to improve Massachusetts energy and climate policies and programs. CC CAN is coordinated by Rosemary Carey, Barry Margolin and Janet Williams. Please contact us if you are interested in stating a Climate Action Network in your town. We can help!

Programs & Partners

Association to Preserve Cape Cod

The mission of the Association to Preserve Cape Cod, APCC, is to preserve, protect and enhance the natural resources of Cape Cod. APCC is the region’s leading nonprofit environmental organization, working for the adoption of laws, policies and programs that protect and enhance Cape Cod’s natural resources and quality of life.


Cape & Vineyard Electric Cooperative (CVEC)

The Cape and Vineyard Electric Cooperative (CVEC) is a public cooperative* which develops or owns renewable electric generation facilities and procures or sells long-term electric supply or other energy-related goods or services including renewable energy certificate contracts at competitive prices to member Massachusetts communities.


Cape Cod Commission

The Cape Cod Commission is the regional land use planning, economic development, and regulatory agency created in 1990 to serve the citizens and 15 towns of Barnstable County, Massachusetts. The Cape Cod Commission’s mission is to protect the unique values and quality of life on Cape Cod by coordinating a balanced relationship between environmental protection and economic progress.


What We Do

The CC CAN seeks to help turn individual passion for the global environment into collective, local action…one town at a time. Among our first campaigns was the Declaration of Climate Emergency Initiative, which passed at town meeting or council in 14 of 15 communities across Cape Cod.

By working together, enhancing communication, sharing best practices, and helping promote town-level projects that inform, inspire, and activate citizens and towns region-wide to action, we:

  • Support and promote developing local climate action groups to mobilize for change at the municipal level
  • Facilitate peer learning and tool-sharing to effectively replicate successful programs from one municipality to the next
  • Illuminate local climate action network causes and visibility
  • Provide toolkits and resources for municipal actions including sample bylaw and resolution language
  • Offer access to expert knowledge among regional partners to help effect municipal changes
  • Host dedicated climate action network webpages for each Cape Cod town
  • Promote cross-sector learning and collaboration through forums, webinars, and conferences.
  • Offer updates on statewide and regional policy action
  • Hold bi-annual meetings for climate action networks region-wide
  • Amplify voices, share expertise, and promote local climate initiatives and campaigns
  • Advocate at the local, regional, state, and federal levels for policies and programs that will benefit municipalities and their citizens
  • Work with partner organizations, including neighborhood and faith associations and affinity groups, to facilitate action on climate change
  • Provide networking support for local CAN campaigns and initiatives
  • Network with other climate action networks outside the region


Help Us Win the Fight Against Climate Change

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