Orleans Climate Action Network

Who We Are

Orleans Climate Action Network is a group of citizen volunteers organized in 2021 to support community climate action. Our Mission is to advance climate change communication in Orleans.

Working in support of  the town Energy and Climate Action Committee and Orleans organizations concerned about climate change, the Orleans Climate Action Network supports the use of best practices for living with a changing climate in Orleans by:

  • organizing informative, inspiring public programs
  • providing accurate information about individual and group climate action you can take
  • increasing awareness of free and low-cost support for homeowners and renters, and seniors taking climate action
  • supporting coordinated effort across town government to anticipate, mitigate, and adapt to climate change impacts

Our network is growing! For more information,  to learn how to get involved, or to join our monthly meetings in person or via zoom, please contact us at orleansclimateaction@gmail.com

Follow us on Facebook!  https://www.facebook.com/orleansclimateactionnetwork/

This summer, we’ve worked with the Orleans Energy and Climate Committee to sponsor two talks on Home Energy Choices and the Opt-In Specialized Energy Code. Presenters Roger McDaniel and Martin Culik gave an overview of the Opt-In Specialized Energy Code, an important opportunity to be considered by voters at the October 16 Orleans Town Meeting and introduced a wealth of options for homeowners seeking practical, cost-saving energy use options.

To help Orleans residents prepare for the upcoming Town Meeting, we’ve compiled this useful list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Opt-In Specialized Energy Code. Check it out!

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