Orleans Town Meeting – Review these articles before you go!

Town Meeting! October 16, 6 PM!

Orleans voters will consider eight articles addressing important environmental and climate issues at the October 16 Town Meeting. Each will honor the town’s 2020 commitment to take the necessary steps to reach net zero emissions as soon as is feasible.

Article 6 will support new EV chargers,  hydration stations, solar-powered trash receptacles, and related initiatives at Nauset Beach and other town property, funded in part by state and local grants, and Inflation Reduction Tax credits. The article will position Orleans to apply for additional grants and/or matching funds addressing reducing carbon emissions.

Article 7 will fund a part-time energy manager, to be shared with other Cape towns, to reduce municipal energy use, increase renewable energy development throughout town government, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with town services.

Article 8 takes the initial step in the design process for the proposed solar array installation at the Town’s water treatment plant.

Articles 26, 27, and 29 support critical next steps in Orleans’ Wastewater Plan, a comprehensive mitigation effort addressing nutrient pollution in ponds and estuaries.

Article 30 will amend the general bylaws to adopt the Specialized Energy Code, increasing energy efficiency and sustainable building practices in new residential and commercial construction. The proposed bylaw introduces no new requirements for existing homes or renovations and so will not impact most residents.

Article 32 will repurpose funds previously committed for Pilgrim Lake water quality study, be used for alum treatment addressing to reduce the likelihood of cyanobacteria blooms such as the one that developed this August, prohibiting swimming lessons and discouraging recreational uses of the lake. This treatment is already being applied to Uncle Harvey’s Pond and has been reported to be successfully used on other Cape lakes and ponds. Special attention to timing of the application is in order to protect the alewife.


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