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The Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative is a nonprofit group of concerned citizens, energy professionals, faith community leaders, youth activists, planners, elected officials and more who have come together to support the mission to reduce ways in which the Cape & Islands region contributes to climate change and to protect our region from its potentially devastating impacts. We share information, support initiatives, promote best practices, and pool resources to further this mission.

Since the Climate Collaborative’s launch in late 2016 through today, we’ve grown from a small group of environmental organizations to a nonprofit with more than 2800 stakeholders representing diverse sectors, age groups, professions, faith groups, and educational backgrounds. We are enormously grateful to our volunteers, sponsors, donors, and granting organizations who’ve enabled this growth and collaborate—the operative word—with one another and with us to advance the mission.

Selected Accomplishments

Some of our work is highlighted below, and we are justly proud of these accomplishments, impressive for any organization, but even more given that all work has been performed by unpaid volunteers. That so many passionate and committed individuals, businesses and organizations have joined the Climate Collaborative and are willing to devote time, resources, and talents to collaborate in helping forge a path forward to a carbon-free world for the Cape & Islands is, indeed, remarkable.

As we anticipate the coming year, we see possibilities and reasons for optimism everywhere we look and opportunities for each of us to contribute skills, talent, and energy to the cause. If you’d like to learn more about how to be part of this effort, please visit us at

Convened a leadership team of board and advisory council members representing diverse voices and a powerful cross section of leaders from business, environmental, energy, housing, transportation, nonprofit, faith, planning, activist, youth, and many other communities

Fostered development of the Faith Communities Environmental Network, a vibrant consortium of more than 45 faith institutions across the Cape & Islands that promotes climate action, education, and environmental justice

Established the Cape Cod Climate Action Network—a chapter of the Massachusetts Climate Action Network—to foster and support development of independent climate action networks (CANs) across Cape Cod

Helped establish and support emerging, autonomous, and town-focused Climate Action Networks (CANs) in communities across the Cape

Produced an annual event for four years running—the Net Zero conference–which has convened hundreds of citizens, climate experts and elected officials from across the region and beyond for a day of learning, collaboration, and inspiration

Produced a bi-weekly Climate Action Alerts newsletter which reaches more than 2500 individuals, keeping them informed of global-to-local climate issues, best practices, innovations, and opportunities for action

Developed a robust organizational website designed to serve as a platform for education, collaboration, information-sharing, networking, and activism—cross sector, cross-network and cross-region

Produced and promoted educational trainings for local citizens including webinars and live presentations on the climate crisis, innovative climate solutions, and opportunities for local citizen activism.

Co-sponsored Cape Cod’s first electric vehicle car show, attended by hundreds of individuals eager to learn more and test drive EV cars of the present and the future.

Co-sponsored, with Cape Light Compact, a bi-annual meeting for energy committees across the Cape & Islands.

Established the Cape Cod Climate Action Network to coordinate development of local climate action networks (CANs) in each town on Cape Cod.

Helped sponsor the Climate Emergency Declaration Initiative to support the work of citizen activists across the region in passing Declarations of Climate Emergency.

Helped advance successful campaigns in 14 out of 15 towns to adopt climate emergency declarations throughout Cape Cod towns ((Note: as of October 2021, 14 of the Cape’s 15 towns have passed such declarations, and during COVID, too!)

Drafted and promoted model climate bylaws requiring that towns mandate a net zero alternative for capital improvement projects and consider purchase of EVs when purchasing municipal vehicles

Advocated for amendments (since adopted) to the Cape Cod Commission’s Regional Policy Plan to prioritize response to climate change, as well as for development of a regional Climate Action Plan recently completed by the Commission.

Supported – through written and oral testimony – the Vineyard Wind offshore wind farm proposal, which is now under construction

Served as a lead member of the coalition campaign to prevent construction of a machine gun range on top of the Upper Cape Water Supply Reserve, which would clear 170 acres of the largest remaining forest on Cape Cod while threatening wildlife and the region’s sole-source aquifer.

Developed and promoted position statements on topics including environmental justice and forest values vis-à-vis carbon sequestration and climate mitigation.

Wrote public opinion pieces for local and regional publications concerning the climate crisis and related issues.

As the Climate Collaborative anticipates the next year, we see possibilities and reasons for optimism everywhere. And each of us has an important role to play – and a responsibility to do our part. If you’d like to be part of the effort, visit our website, sign up for our newsletter, fill out our volunteer form, or just reach out at!

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